The center’s guides organize hikes to Rehesaare Suurkivi, Mägede hills, Kakerdaja bog and lake.

Hiking routes:

Walking trails (3 km and 5 km)
Walking trails: There are 3 km and 5 km circular walking routes. The paths are well signposted, and it takes approximately 40 minutes to complete the 3 km route and about 1 hour for the 5 km route.

Valgehobusemäe cycling trail
This 50 km cycling trail goes around Valgehobusemäe and Kakerdaja Bog. The route includes a water obstacle that can be crossed with dry feet. Around the 40th kilometer, you have the opportunity to explore the bog on a boardwalk. The estimated cycling time at a moderate hiking pace is around 4-5 hours. The trail is marked, but it’s recommended to carry a trail map before starting the ride. Be sure to bring drinks and food with you, as there are no shops along the route.

Kõrvemaa unified trails
These trails have a total length of 65 km, and they allow you to visit Jäneda, Aegviidu, Nelijärve, and Kõrve hiking and skiing centers. You can travel on foot or by mountain bike. Distances vary depending on your destination, ranging from 22 km to 44 km round trip. The approximate completion time can range from 1 to 6 hours.

Hike to Rehessaare Boulder
This hike is 11 km in length, and it takes around 2 to 2.5 hours to complete.


3km and 5km route

3km and 5km route

50km bike route