Development activities

There is currently going on 2nd phase of Valgehobusemäe Ski and Recreation Centre development, which activities should be finished by end of 2017.

Summary of the project

Project implementation was based on decrease in number of visitors due to the seasonality, poor state of infrastructure related to winter activities and further development of the Centre’s support infrastructure.

By refund of this project following activities are made: blacktop covered road of Valgehobusemäe Ski and Recreation Centre, rollerski trail, planning of slopes, buying and installing of artificial snow production system, ski bridge displacement, building cabins for warming up, basketball and volleyball fields, children playground, different electrical works, making observation tower more attractive by adding sound and lightning, hill- and snow tube lifts are being purchased and installed, summer tube trails, securing hillside. Additionally: purchase of ATV, development of Centre’s website and  training of personnel.

The project aims

The project aim is to enhance the competitiveness of Valgehobusemäe Ski and Recreation Centre as sports institution and further developement of Kõrvemaa recreation area’s tourism.

Project subgoals are: reducing seasonality of Centre’s visitation, increasing the number of visitors in Centre and Kõrvemaa sports- and tourism facilities, diversifying sports- and entertainment options, making Centre much more accessible and secure, reducing weather-related influences in Centre’s work, raising the level of sports competition’s quality that are organized by the Centre,  making Centre’s website more visible and easily accessible, increasing Centre’s personnel professionalism.

Project outcome

Project implementation is resulted by increase of Centre’s visitor by 65% (43 500 visitors per year) by year of 2020. Kõrvemaa, as recreation area, visitor numbers are increased by 75% (260 000 visitors per year).

The result of this project is that Centre’s and Kõrvemaa’s visitors are spending more time at that area. There are created 14 new job positions for Valgehobusemäe Ski and Recreation Centre and Kõrvemaa as a whole.

The amount of aid

Project is supported by the European Regional Development Fund with 1 206 037,84 Euros from strengthening the competitiveness of regions Investment Measures